IPB Versions

Version 1.3

The latest version is free Invision Power Board 1.3.1, which is not as widespread as 1.3 because of the short time available before the 2.0 was replaced. Since then, many known exploits have been found. Patches were produced by the community.

Version 2.0 and 2.1

When the final version went to 2.0, Invision Power Board is now a paid one week later. As with IPB 1.3, some users still using the free trial versions of the PF 2.0 versions, but again contain many [citation needed] and security holes are no longer supported. However, no changes exist [citation needed], which are secured IPB 2.0. It was also renamed IP.Board.

Version 2.2

Invision Power Board 2.2 includes many improvements, new features and security fixes. This was the first to undergo a security audit by a company called Gulftech find any security vulnerabilities missed by the IPS development team in their efforts to maintain IPB as secure as possible. The new version also includes minor changes to the administration group, and also a completely redesigned profiles. Invision The team also continues to use AJAX in its software. All versions of 2.0 and the IPB is a commercial software, with no demonstration version available for download. Potential users in May calls for a period of twelve hours online test, organized by IPS.

Version 2.3

Version 2.3 was recently released and is the latest version of IP.Board. . Starting from this version, the product will be available with 2 skins, the old default light blue and a new default skin of darker skin. . The release is mainly to contribute to forums that are more advanced traffic and include integration with other IPS product lines. IPS also implemented a new ACP Help System which it is easier to navigate around the Administrator Control Panel, with an ACP “Dashboard” page, showing an overview of the system. This page has replaced the “Admin” tab in the default page in the admin panel.

Version 3.0

Invision Power Board is the next major step in the Software Forum. It will include many features as promised a new overall design of the software, a feature known type where users can rate individual posts, the PM (Personal Message) to become a conversational style (as did Google GMail) and many other improvements. IPS Alpha has made a available to the public, and December 22, they released the first beta version coded to all customers IPS.

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History of IPS

Invision Power Services (IPS) was created by Matt Mecham and Charles Warner in 2002, after leaving Jarvis Entertainment Group (which produced Ikonboard). Their first product was IPB, another forum package, which quickly brings together a community of former Ikonboard users.

Although software developers originally maintained that it will remain a free package, in 2004, ended its IPB communicated freely for non-commercial use. A trial version download Invision Power Board 2.0.0 PF versions 1 and 2 were made available, but were abandoned on 27 September, 2004. He was replaced by a free demo with restrictions of 5000 posts, the son of 1000, 200 members and other restrictions, thus ending its claims that IPB will be free forever.

Many users have been agreed to by this, and some have Mecham attack allegations of copyright infringement. On 1 July 2005, IPS has changed the demo period of 15 days to 5 days and a few months later he was again reduced to 24 hours, and now he was reduced to 8 hours for private use.

IPB 2.1 was released on 13 September 2005. The administrator control panel has been completely redesigned, and display options have been renovated to feature visible text properties (Rich Text Editor), such as bold, italic, underline, etc. have also been posted refaite styles, and a number of other changes have been made including the use of Ajax in many new features.

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Invision Power Services

Invision Power Services is the best  provider of community solutions like forums.  Some of the largest companies in the world have chosen the IPS software to power their online communities, and thousands of small and medium sites. Our hosting division is focused on providing high quality, reliable hosting services that can scale to the needs of each client. IPS Hosting offers a range of shared hosting packages, dedicated servers and our unique community accommodation, and has extensive experience in developing enterprise-level and community web hosting solutions.  Invision Power Services are the future of intrnet.

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